In this dystopian future Kissy finds a shark washed up on the beach on the way home from school. It’s mouth has become entangled with fishing wire and it is suffocating on land. She attempts to drag it back out to sea but both she and the shark become entangled in fishing wire and plastic matter. Upon realizing that she cannot return the shark to the ocean and that without help the shark will die, Kissy decides that in order to save the shark she has no other choice but to take it back to her house. 

Kissy balances the shark on top of a string of shopping trollies and pushes it home where we meet her mother TARA, who is terminally ill. Kissy attempts to hide the shark from her mother, forcing it into a bath tub filled with table salt and water. We are provided with some dark comic relief as Kissy moves between her mother and the shark, attempting to tend to them both. As the pressure builds, Kissy becomes snappy and eventually Tara becomes frustrated with Kissy’s jumpy and disconnected behavior. 

Kissy further attempts to conceal the shark and whilst the two of them argue Tara discovers the shark in the bathroom. We are ready for Tara to blow up, instead she recognizes the situation for what it really is- In this polluted world in which Kissy cannot save her mother- she is desperate to save anything that can be saved. Tara takes a breath and hugs Kissy, together they cut the plastic wire out of the shark’s mouth and return it to the Ocean. The shark dies but Kissy seemingly begins to understand a most difficult lesson- she cannot control who stays and who goes.  

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