Directors Statement

KISSY is a social realist fairytale, a contemporary view of a future which feel’s worryingly familiar and plausible. KISSY explores themes of GRIEF, POLLUTION and HOPE. KISSY is a young teenager enduring difficult financial and family circumstances, she tries to save a hopeless, beached shark that is dying of plastic contamination. This story explores the painful reality of the damage made by man-made pollution and the futile will of one young woman to right this pervasive wrong. 

I feel it is important to have characters that demonstrate the natural characteristics of women being courageous, expressive and passionate, at the same time as being honest and realistic about the internal challenges that young women face day to day. 

KISSY grew from my interest in exploring the people and animals that are the first to be forgotten in the conversation about plastic pollution. I want to make a film that highlights the effects of the 150 million tonnes of plastic in our oceans today and what the consequences will look like if that number triples in the next decade as it is predicted to do so. I want to explore this concept through a difficult and delicate mother/daughter relationship and the deep-rooted bond between human and animals.

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